Is My Device Suitable?

Probably! But we do have a few basic requirements of devices to be donated to us.

Data #

We securely erase all the data on hard drives that come to us. We replace a number of the drives in devices too with brand new units to improve performance too. If you are concerned about the content of your hard drives then please feel free to remove them from the devices prior to donation. We have tons of other hard drives so doing so wont cause us any issues. We are more than happy to erase your drives for you though and we take data security very seriously!

Laptops #


Ideally Windows laptops will have Windows 7, 8 or 10 on them. They should be in good condition where possible and whilst we can repair broken screens and keyboards etc, they take a lot longer and cost us more money to do so. If you aren’t sure if your device is suitable, just get in touch and we can talk you through the options.

We can take older laptops (those with Windows XP and Vista) but these can only be repurposed with CloudReady (a version of the Chrome Operating System) which is still amazing for those who need to get online, but it is less useful than a full Windows laptop.


Mac laptops of most ages are usually fine. Please try to make sure they are in reasonable condition though and come with the power supply where possible! If you happen to have the original operating system discs too, these are very useful indeed!

Tablets and Phones #

We can take all makes and models of tablet and phone. We need them to hold charge for a while and not be too badly beaten up where possible. We can replace smashed screens but it is a time consuming and sometimes expensive task and for some older phones, we simply can’t get the spares. If you have an Apple device you wish to donate, it is important that you follow the guidance here to remove it from your Apple account and allow us to find it a new home.

If you can, make sure there are no pins numbers or lock codes on the phone before giving them to us. We reset them all anyway but doing so makes our lives much easier!

All in One Computers #

All in one computers such as iMacs or windows equivalents can be really useful. If you have any original operating system discs then please send those in too! We prefer machines in good condition without smashed screens as these can be very hard and expensive to repair and if we can’t repair them, we have to pay a lot to have them recycled!

Desktops #

At the moment we are oversubscribed with desktops but there are some smaller units that we could take. Smaller machines can often be given a new home (things like the Intel NUC or Lenovo Idea Centre are great) but we are afraid we can’t take very many large tower PC’s. They are hard to find homes for and hard for our team to store and transport.

We will continue to update this and the other articles as we go to make sure you have access to up to date information. Thank you for supporting the project and for helping us Get Everyone Online!


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