Someone Wants To Donate A Broken Monitor, Should I Take It?

Well now, there’s a question! The answer is, probably not.

Whilst monitors can be very useful, unless they are easy to fix and quite new then they are best taken to the local recycling centre by the donor. The reason for this is simply one of economics. We want to repurpose as many devices as possible and a monitor, if it is beyond repair will cost the project £50 to recycle. That is £50 which could be used to buy parts for other more directly useful devices such as tablets, laptops and phones. (Monitors work well as an extra screen to a laptop or as part of a desktop but on their own, they can’t get anyone online.) Help us make smart decisions about the devices people donate. We have to pay to dispose of broken monitors, the general public do not.

Thank you for understanding and for your support!


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